How To Sell Your Car

OK, you have made the decision to sell your car. You accept the time has come to bite the bullet and get a new one. So the question you are faced with is how can I sell my car to get the best price possible to put towards the new one?

There are of course a myriad of options available to you all with pros and cons. Whichever route you decide on the first step is to prepare and clean it as outlined on top tips to sell your car. Then you can consider the following

Use it as part exchange

Most car dealers will offer part exchange when you are buying a new car. It has the advantage of being convenient for you but the big disadvantage of offering you just about the worst price. Also it makes it very difficult for you to negotiate a better price.

car dealer

Sell to a car buying company

We have all seen the adverts on telly offering to buy any car for cash. 3 simple sets and the cash is in your bank account. Very convenient for you but of course the downside is you are not going to get full market value. How could you because if you did how is the company going to make any money?

List it in classified adverts

Traditionally this was the main method of selling a car privately. Put a 25 word advert in your local paper with a picture and wait for calls. Obviously as this is the 21st century now you’ll use either local newspaper websites or classified ads sites like gumtree. Just an obvious word of warning, do not use your mobile phone number. Use online contact or take advantage of the numbers offered by most sites.

Use specialised car selling services

The obvious and largest service is autotrader. Their website has tens of thousands of visitors and the magazine still sells plenty of copies. It is set up to be easy for you to use. Take the opportunity to upload lots of pictures of your car and ensure your description is honest and accurate.

Online auction site

Of course the only site that counts is eBay. They have a thriving used car section and it is probably a very viable option. Again it is important to upload lots of pictures and maybe use a video as well. Take a video of the interior and exterior of your car, upload to YouTube and add it to your eBay listing.

Car Auction

There are many car auctioneers ranging from large nation operations to a local auction house.  They have the advantage of providing a quick sale and payment to you. Also cars that are older and perhaps not as well cared for can still sell.

Word of mouth

It is all too easy to forget the ultimate low tech option. Tell people at work you are selling your car they may know someone who is looking. Add it to your Facebook, instagram, linkedin or twitter account. Just be totally honest about the condition because the last thing you want is an irate work colleague!

With all these options you will have no problem selling your car for the best price you can get. Of course you may still need to flex your negotiating muscles but that is a small price to pay for the extra hundreds in your pocket.